9609 AS and A Level Business


Hi! Welcome to Cambridge AS and A Level Business StudiesWe will consider:

1. What will you study?
2. How you will be graded?
3. What you need before you start the course?
4. What we do in class?
5. What you can use A Level Business for?
6. Other relevant questions

You can read the enclosed syllabus to learn more about this course

1. What will you study?

During the course we study how various businesses and organisations operate within themselves, with other businesses and in the wider world. We consider the aims, structures and operations within private businesses of various sizes such as large corporations like Microsoft and Apple, as well as small businesses like corner shops. We look at government run businesses which we call the Public Sector such as Electricity and Transport Companies and their importance to society. 

We consider outside influences on businesses such as what governments decide, international trade, environmental considerations and marketplace. 

There is some Economics as part of the course but only a small overlap with A Level Economics course.

The course is split into 6 main areas:
1) Business and its environments: what are the various types and business and their aims?
2) People in Organisations: how do businesses find, keep and motivate their workers?
3) Marketing: how does a business persuade customers to buy its products?
4) Operations Management: how do businesses makes products efficiently with good quality?
5) Finance: how does a business find the money it needs and record activity like buying and selling?
6) Strategic Management: how do the leaders of businesses make important decisions.

In both Year 12 and Year 13 all these areas are studied but in Year 13 there is more analysis and extended areas.

2. How will you be graded?

Year 12: AS BusinessAs with most AS Levels, the grade is determined by 2 examinations taken in the June series as follows:
Paper 1: 40 marks: 1hour 15 mins.
A mixture of short questions and longer paragraph answers where there is a choice.

Paper 2: 60 marks. 1 hour 30 mins.
Two long questions with a mixture of shorter questions and essaysIn each paper, the examiner will be looking for a combination of 4 criteria which students learn to address during the course: Knowledge, Application, Analysis and Evaluation.

The AS is a qualification recognised by employers and colleges around the world and also is 50% of the A Level when combined with Year 13 study

Year 13: A Level Business
Paper 3: 100 marks. 3hours. The only Paper taken in Year 13 has five shorter questions and one long essay about a given business situation, the 100 marks are added to the 100 marks from the AS to a mark out of 200 which then is used to get a pass grade:  A*, A, B, C, D, E.
So all the classwork and study during each year is designed for students to perform well in the final examinations.

3. What do you need before the course?

Students can start AS Business class with no previous study in the subject. Many students will have taken IGCSE Business before but the teacher will design the class so those new to the subject will get the instruction they need to perform well in the class.Students need English Language ability and some Maths ability to carry out standard arithmetic. 

If a student has performed well in IGCSE exams with C+ grades then they should be able to cope. If students have background knowledge of the business world then it helps greatly during classroom discussions and completing assignments.

4. What do we do in class?

The teacher uses a variety of methods and activities:
1) Teacher describes theory and students take notes.
2) Case-studies( readings about businesses) are discussed and questions answered.
3) Students complete exercises to improve business knowledge and English Language ability.
4) Students research business activity and present their findings to the class.
5) Media such as videos, newspaper and magazine are examined and analysed.
6) Practice examination questions are discussed, completed and graded.

5. What can you use A Level Business for?

The A level Business course is a recognised university entry qualification for the UK and most other countries like US, Canada and Australia and will be one of the 3 or more A levels do need to apply to university.  Also, if you are going to study a Business-related degree at university, it will give you a good introduction to that area and you can judge if you really want to study the subject.

 A Level Business also will develop your knowledge of Western business culture and general culture. The subject also will develop academic skills which will help you in university such as improving vocabulary range, ability to write clear sentence and paragraph and write meaningful conclusions from presented data.

6. Other points:

We will use one textbook for the course that TYIS will provide for you: Business by M. Surridge and A. Gillespie by Hodder Education Publishers. The teacher will also present other materials for you to enhance your learning.Universities in the UK generally don’t like students that apply with 3 A Levels to have Economics and Business as they are a bit similar, so a student must try not to study both at AS unless they are applying with 4 or more A Levels.